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Why have lessons?

Trying to explain the Technique in words alone is a bit like trying to explain a colour. I could describe the colour blue to you until we were both blue in the face...  if I also show you the colour blue you can understand clearly what I've been trying to describe to you.
Having lessons is like showing you the colour blue because we Alexander Technique teachers are trained to use touch as well as words in our teaching.


What lessons will give you.

Imagine you are on a bicycle, pedalling uphill in a high gear. It's hard work! Your bicycle is designed to be pedalled uphill in a low gear! As soon as you notice what is happening and change gear, you immediately start pedalling with a lot less effort without losing speed. Suddenly it's much more enjoyable cycling up that hill. You are free to notice the scenery around you as you cycle. 


As we go through life we develop patterns of movement which interfere with our natural design. These patterns become such habits that, unlike that high gear, we don't notice them at all. We are completely unaware that we are making things more difficult than they need to be. 


In lessons I will teach you skills to 'notice and change gear' in anything you do, in any situation. You leave lessons with your 'toolkit' of skills which you can practice whenever you choose until they become as much a part of you as those unhelpful patterns once were. You learn to replace effort and tension with ease and freedom.


Some of your friends and family may notice the changes in you. If they don't know that you are having lessons with me, they will wonder what lovely thing has happened to you. 


Alexander Technique lessons are a lasting gift to yourself.


The practicalities

Individual lessons

Each lesson lasts about 45 minutes. The first lesson is one hour. Lessons are weekly. If you can make the time I teach you twice a week when you first start learning.
Group lessons
These are weekly.  
For all lessons please choose comfortable clothes to wear which won't restrict your movements.
Where do I teach?
I teach individual lessons at my home between Truro and Falmouth, or I can travel to your home. 
I teach group lessons at venues in mid Cornwall.

How many lessons will I need?

 Learning to change a habit takes time. This varies for everyone. The back pain scientific study tells us that six lessons are a minimum, twenty four is better. You are giving yourself a gift which will last you a lifetime. For individual lessons many students choose a course of ten, twenty or thirty lessons... some then come back for refreshers.

How much will it cost?
Individual lessons are £45 each
A course of ten lessons costs £405 if paid for in advance, a saving of £45
Concessions are available if you are on a low income.
Group lessons vary in price according to the number of people in the group, the length of the course and the venue. 
Please contact me here for more information.                


Carolyn's practice is very gentle and I instantly felt comfortable. This atmosphere was perfect to understand, become aware of, and practice the Alexander Technique. Carolyn taught me a great degree of awareness of how I use my body which has become incorporated in to my every day! I am currently studying at University and also run a production company putting on live music, producing theatre and curating an arts festival. Suffice to say I would describe myself as regularly over committing, but have honestly found learning the Alexander Technique invaluable to developing an economy of thought and movement that helps me challenge my self on a daily basis. 
Carolyn is a calm and insightful tutor and I would thoroughly recommend exploring the Alexander Technique with her.

Amos Jacob

aged 25


I went to one of Carolyn's introductory group lessons hoping to learn to improve my stiff and painful shoulders. I then booked a course of individual lessons and Carolyn came to my home for each lesson.  She taught me how to use the Alexander Technique in my everyday life for example getting on and off the bed, going up and down my stairs and using my hand held shower to wash my hair. She also taught me about constructive rest which I now use regularly either in my chair or on the floor. The thinking Carolyn taught me is so helpful. My shoulders now look and feel so different, hardly any pain or stiffness and I'm in my seventies! 

Gloria Butterworth


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