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Alexander Technique is for everyone!

The Alexander Technique skills of learning to think and move in different ways are practised by people from all walks of life:

  • actors, musicians and singers learn to deal with stage fright and to perform better

  • athletes discover how to reach peak fitness and recover more quickly from injury

  • office workers, musicians and factory workers learn ways to avoid repetitive strain injury

  • dentists, surgeons and physiotherapists are enabled to practise their skills with more precision

  • in later life people learn to retain balance and mobility as they age

  • schoolchildren and students find they can learn better by releasing tension and finding calm

Earlier this year BBC1 screened a second of their documentary series entitled 'Doctor in the House'. Episode 1 of series 2 showed a paralympian athlete who had a high leg amputation and needed to use crutches. As a result he was experiencing problems with his shoulders.

The programme followed him as he had lessons with an Alexander Technique teacher which helped him to release the tension in his shoulders and to use his crutches with less effort. He even discovered, with the help of his teacher, how to get up off the floor efficiently with just one leg!

Technique teacher

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